Visualize™ Compound Registration and Biological Assay Results Database

Visualize™ is a system for securely sharing registered compounds and biological assay results. The system enables securely storing, querying and browsing biological assay results arranged in easy-to-use project views.

Streamlined Decision Making

Accessing all of the information about a compound quickly and easily yields decisions that take less time and that are of higher quality. Having all results in one central location with direct links to the chemical repositories allows scientists to focus more on what they need to accomplish without worrying about how to do so.

Tailored to Problem

Different research programs have different visualization needs based on their maturity, biological target, or even team culture. Visualize™ provides the ability to define how results are summarized and presented, allowing you to focus only what is important by eliminating visual noise and redundancy.

Easy to use

New projects and assays can be registered in minutes, without requiring IT support. Collections of compounds can be imported in seconds from SDF files. Biological assay results are easily loaded from Excel files. Users can effortlessly configure how the system imports data from Excel or SDF files. Project views automatically accommodate new assays or result types without any configuration.

Visually Explore SAR with Visualize

Visually Explore SAR with Visualize

Visually Explore SAR with Visualize

Efficient Collaboration

This system streamlines the flow of information between teams of discovery researchers, eliminating the need to transcribe, reformat, or copy & paste data. Information is immediately accessible to authorized research teams.


Visualize™ runs in the cloud, so no installation, no hardware, no corporate network, no IT support required, no long-term commitments, and no overhead. Securely access your information from anywhere or from any type of device. Visualize™ works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux/UNIX, desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Minimize Overhead

As an organization grows its research network, it will spend time and resources integrating with partners' data systems. The increased workload from each of these integrations dramatically impacts the number of collaborators and the volume of data the organization can handle. Visualize™ is designed to handle multiple collaborating organizations with ease, and scales to effectively cope with increase demand. This system provides research teams with a standard means to securely share and access information across enterprises. New results are populated easily into the central repository allowing geographically dispersed teams to interact in real-time.

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