Scigilian Store Compound Management System

The holistic approach, realized in Store™, of supporting and automating the whole process, from compound reception through to assay-ready plate creation, is indicative of the approach we, at Scigilian, espouse. We are dedicated to improving the effectiveness of people discovering new medicines, and Store™ is an example of that. We’ve tailored every aspect of Store™ to ensure that it doesn’t get in your way while still doing its job well. One question we always ask ourselves when developing something is “How does this help drug discovery?”, with Store™ the answer is tremendously.

With Store™ your automated compound storage is efficient, consistent and flexible

Store™ provides you with a comprehensive system to manage your automated compound store. From requesting compounds titrated in user-defined assay-ready plates, to production and delivery of the plates, to management of your compound inventory, Store™ handles all aspects of your compound inventory process and ensures your ability to provide highquality assay-ready plates efficiently and effectively. This is not just simple tube storage, this is end-to-end process support.

Make the most of your physical compound storage investment

You’ve invested heavily in a compound storage system, why settle for simplistic software that only supports tube load and retrieve functionality? Why implement all of the liquid handling, the supporting processes, the order tracking in order to get the most out of your compound storage investment? Use Store™ to get all of this and more.


Store™ incorporates your physical compound storage solution directly into your drug discovery process, maximizing your return on investment and lowering your operating costs.


Assay ready plates made easy

Imagine being able to lay out a titration plate by simply dragging and dropping and doing so on a web-based system available from any PC or tablet. Store™, with its clean, user-friendly web interface supporting all major browsers and platforms, provides you with just that.


Order samples laid out based on a template you’ve defined or lay them out yourself using its simple and intuitive graphical interface. Where to place diluents, control and reference samples, and samples under test is all up to you. You have full control to easily specify starting volumes, dilution factors, and titrations.


Finding the samples you need is quick and easy since Store™ interfaces directly with your own chemical information systems. Store™ ensures that orders are correct and satisfiable by verifying that all liquid handling constraints are met. Dead volumes, minimum liquid transfer amounts, and well capacities are all taken into account.


Improve assay-performance

Store™ enables you to track not only what compound, or batch of compound, a tube holds, but also what particular solution it holds. This weighing index, as we call it, enables your scientists to perform true ‘N-of’ experiments, choosing samples of the same compound but from different weighing indices in order to ensure that results are valid and not spurious.

Improve quality

Producing assay-ready plates centrally means more trustworthy results from your assays and less uncertainty for your scientists. Centrally located and validated liquid handlers controlled by Store™ offer you the ability to provide a level of consistency difficult to ensure otherwise.


Reduce waste

Wasted compound is reduced since only one set of compound tubes is ever being depleted, those in your physical compound storage. There are no longer dozens of samples of the same compound, scattered in various containers with dead-volumes adding up to important amounts of lost compound. Know exactly how many times a solution has been touched, how many times it’s been thawed.


Avoid intellectual-property issues

Research partnerships are an important characteristic of the current landscape and Store™ helps to ensure that these partnerships operate within their planned parameters. The concept of restricted compounds in Store™ protects you from inadvertently testing a partnership compound in an assay that shouldn’t be exposed to these compounds, thereby avoiding intellectual-property issues. Restricted flags allow you to define which project or assay is allowed to test certain compounds, minimizing the risk of cross pollination.

Integrate with your systems

Store™ is a solution that supports your drug discovery through simple, consistent and flexible processes. It complements your existing components and fills the gaps, integrating with any vendor’s automated store, or even a simple refrigerator.

Store™ interfaces with your enterprise compound repository, compound identifier validation, and project/assay look-up using its plug-in framework. This framework offers you the ability to easily configure Store™ to access your own repositories, modules and data. The goal is to minimize the amount of work you have to do to support Store™, with Store™ doing most of the work for you instead.


Compounds easily in, compounds easily out

Producing high-quality assay-ready plates is just one side of the equation, Store™ also offers complete support for ensuring that compounds are loaded into your physical compound storage with a minimum of hassle.


With Store™, you easily define compound loading templates, enabling you to specify the volumes and concentrations of compound you want to produce from the powders or stock solutions you receive from chemists.


The same easy drag-and-drop interface that scientists use for ordering compounds is what you use for loading compounds into Store™ and your physical storage system. Store™ automatically dilutes the compounds down from stock or powder, and loads the resulting tubes, making them immediately available for ordering.

Improve Your Compound Storage

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