Outsource with Absolute Acuity

Scigilian Request™ outsourcing management system provides managers of pharmaceutical outsourcing with the tools and information to make outsourcing easier and more transparent.

See Issues Before They Become Problems

Gone are the days of waiting for status updates to find out about problems. Request provides detailed, real-time access to project status, allowing you to rapidly identify deviations, roadblocks, and other problems before they are exacerbated or lead to costly delays. By having the necessary information to identify issues before they become full-blown problems, you can act proactively to improve the quality and integrity of your outsourced work as well as ensure adherence to schedule.

You can’t have conference calls with partners across the globe every day. With Request, you have real-time answers to all the important questions: Who is currently working on my project? What assay is currently being run? Where are my samples or compounds? When will this step start and when will it be complete?

Have more information without information overload. Request presents you with project information through a simple and effective dashboard and allows you to set what kind of events you receive notifications for. Furthermore, Request tracks and reports on critical metrics for every project and task, providing you with key insights that allow you to improve future project performance.


of people who have shared IT systems with their outsourcing partners are satisfied with their visibility into the outsourced work. Of those without shared IT systems, only 29% are satisfied.

Unification Without Compromise

Request is the only research management platform which allows companies to access real-time information in their outsourcing partners’ software systems without necessitating a direct connection. It is a secure information and communication system which resides “on top” of both your information systems and those of your outsourcing partners.

Hate disturbances due to IT? So do we. Because Request works with your existing research management systems, rather than replacing them, you don’t have to change the way you currently work. It provides additional capabilities without creating unnecessary redundancies. Furthermore, by hooking into existing systems, Request can provide information to your existing research management solution automatically – nothing needs to be entered twice or manually copied over.

Don’t trade security for transparency. Get the best of both worlds. With Request, there are none of the security vulnerabilities caused by sharing your in-house information systems with external partners. Additionally, access to all information inside Request is secure, with each external partner (or internal subordinate) only exposed to information directly pertinent to their task or process as specified by their configurable roles. Set permissions for your team. Specify which resources can be used and by whom. With Request, everything can be easily delegated and controlled.

Orchestrate Outsourcing and "Insourcing"
  • Request manages insourcing just as well as outsourcing. With Request, you can:

  • See what assays are available and from whom

  • View and request anything from your entire compound / sample inventory and assay menu

  • Have a complete overview of all your out- and in-sourced projects

  • Automatically notify partners that their services are being requested

  • Track schedules and costs

  • Restrict access to high-cost, low-throughput, or limited-supply resources

  • Optimize projects based on resource location and availability

User Dashboard

User Dashboard

A user dashboard provides an overview of all of the user’s requests, with notifications, queues, submitted requests and orders, and actions waiting for the user’s approval.

Assay Dashboard

Assay Dashboard

An Assay Dashboard provides comprehensive information about any chosen assay, including assay providers, number of outstanding requests, the assay owner(s), instructions, the assay queue, etc. (Information can be restricted based on user permissions.)

Assay Catalog

Assay Catalog

An Assay Catalog allows users to find and request any assay without knowing who the providers are in advance. Users can view assay information, the state of the assay (open, restricted or closed), locations, submission instructions, providers, etc. The catalog also displays quick links to the project page, assay page, assay owner profiles, external documentation and results.

Request Navigator

Request Navigator

A Request Navigator allows easy viewing of any type of request.

Assay Run Request

Assay Run Request

Request can be configured to automatically assign the best assay provider or providers for a selected compound or sample. Assay Owners can override the provider and set priority, set due date and provide additional instructions. The pre-analytical processes are automated: when the compounds / samples are released the system will automatically create Inventory, Sample Logistics and Assay Run orders.

Assay Provider Status

Assay Provider Status

The assay provider can manually update project status using the Request dashboard. For more robust, real-time updates, Request can integrate with your providers’ research management systems and feed information directly to your own systems.

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