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Scigilian's Analyze™ is a singular, web-based platform for data analysis, storage, and sharing that is built with collaboration in mind. Analyze allows multiple people to work with the same data sets simultaneously while custom rules and controls ensure consistent, reproducible analysis among any number of collaborators.

Ensure Consistency and Reproducibility

Analyze makes it easy to ensure consistency and reproducibility while still incorporating customized analyses to give you the required flexibility to treat your data as you see fit. Through custom defined calculation templates and analysis protocols, all users performing the same analysis use the same protocol, ensuring consistency and adherence to best practices. Additionally, users can specify business rules within protocols which will be applied during analysis, preventing the need for secondary analysis and eliminating a potential source of human error.

Enabling Collaboration

Analyze is the ultimate screening assay analysis and data management platform for scientists who collaborate with other groups and organizations. Living in the cloud, Analyze can be seamlessly accessed by any number of collaborators at any number of internal or external sites and users can be readily added or removed without any hardware or installation expense. Granular access controls allow you to set exactly what your collaborators can see or do, ensuring complete security for your intellectual property. By granting access to your external partners, all of their work is accessible to you. The results produced within Analyze are easily uploaded into your corporate repositories, removing the need to transfer results by email or spreadsheet.

Worried that multiple collaborators will mean inconsistent analysis? With Analyze, users can build analysis protocols that define and control how specific analyses are performed, and managers can set what protocols a user can access. By allowing fully customized protocols, you can be certain that you’ll have both the flexibility and the control you need to ensure consistent analysis every time and have complete confidence in your results.

Analyze allows multiple users to work with a data set concurrently and propagates changes across all user sessions to prevent problems with conflicting versions of analyzed data. Need to access analyze while you’re away from the office or lab? Approved collaborators can access their data from any internet-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

Less Waiting

Since Analyze is entirely web-based, the speed of analysis is not constrained by a local workstation. Our cloud-based servers automatically scale with demand to ensure that you always get incredibly fast results regardless of the device you’re using, and the analysis engine itself has no limits with regards to the amount of plates, samples, or data points that it can process simultaneously. With Analyze, you’ll get your data quickly, be able to view it clearly, and start making decisions much sooner.

Incredibly Intuitive

The intuitive simplicity and interactivity of the Analyze user interface make it extremely easy to use. Want to examine the data underlying a particular point or curve? Click on it. Want to remove or replace an outlier? Click on it. Users can interact with data and drill down into data by doing exactly what your instinct tells you: click on it. It’s literally that simple.

Once you define how your data is formatted and how you want it analyzed, any user can set up an analysis run in seconds.

Better Statistics for Better Quality Data

All linear and non-linear regression within Analyze is resistant to outliers through the use of modern statistical techniques that are able to identify and down-weight results that are outside the norm. Automatic detection and handling of outliers means more time can be spent investigating interesting results and less time rejecting points in order to yield a good fit. Our robust curve fitting is both very fast and extremely accurate.

Data Table

Data Table

The data table is plainly laid out and makes finding the data which you seek extremely easy. Everything is linked and clickable so you can readily drill down into any data point simply by clicking it.

Compound Charts

Compound Charts

Compound charts are one of the many data visualization views which Analyze can create. As with the data tables, all the data is linked and clickable for immediate access to the underlying data. Our robust regression analysis is extremely powerful, yielding accurate curve fits and allowing you to be confident in your data. The types of data visualizations Analyze can perform is increasing regularly. For a full list, please contact us.

Raw Data Parser

Raw Data Parser

Our customizable parser makes it easy to routinely and reproducibly accept almost any format of data. Simply enter the format that your instrument outputs data and Analyze will have it immediately accessible for use in any assay you design.



Users can set protocols which specify how runs should be analyzed and allow for fully controlled, codified, and automated data analysis. You control what data is displayed and how it is displayed, ensuring that only the relevant information is shown and important information is made more visible. Combining a protocol and parser forms an assay, which can be automatically run as new data is obtained.

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